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hand made soap

liquid castile soap

whipped body butter 

massage candles

sugar scrubs

bath salts

heel butter


face masks 

lip balms

baby bum cream

lip balm

shaving soap


fresh - handmade - natural - healthy


About us

Welcome to our world!


our journey started in 2017 when our baby showed allergic reactions to all major baby skincare

brands, it was not long before we could point out that it was in fact the preservatives

that is found in almost every single product, that was the culprit. We then started to

search far & wide for healthier & natural alternatives. we made our 1st bar of all

natural soap and we saw an improvement within 2 days! Not only did it solve our

problem but our master creator, delise instantly fell in love with the art.

The hobby at the time provided all our family & friends with the most unique and healthy

gifts. We started to receive testimonials and orders started to flood in.

the rest as they say is history!

In 2019 we decided to share our passion and love with the public and the response was

almost overwhelming! Thus far it has been the most rewarding experience & we are so

thankful to being able to share this gift and blessing with people.

We simply love to live the way we are made, naturally!

Not just products


It is of utmost importance to understand exactly what our products are made of. Because at the end of the day, it’s about a cause, community & a responsibility that keeps us doing what we are doing. Our products are 100% natural & does not contain ANY preservatives, artificial colorants or fragrances.

We have a basic product range but it does change & grow according to our consumer’s needs. We have a core believe to keep it natural in every aspect of our products, therefor our packaging will always contain the least amount of plastic we can get.

We believe in building the community; therefore, all our products and suppliers are as local as we can possibly find. We do not believe in industrialization, therefor every product we produce is made by hand and those hands of our local community.

 Every product we create comes from the heart and is born out of sheer passion. We love to create products for specific/personal problems or needs.

 We also cater for weddings, parties and guest amenities.

New Arrivals

Fresh hand made soap 

one fresh batch - 20 unique bars

Speciality Soap

Yes! we create what you want!

Soap favours 

Wedding & party favours 

150.00 SAR
55.00 SAR
60.00 SAR
165.00 SAR
35.00 SAR

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